IT Support

Take a look below at our information technology quick start guide/overview if you need to find information about your email, Wi-Fi, online learning, and password resets.

There are over 2000 computers (PCs, laptops, iPads and tablets) across the college available to students for either individual study or classwork. This comprises of PCs, laptops and tablets in the Learning Resource Centre, dedicated computer suites, Two Apple computer suites and laptop/iPad trolleys

You can find the main services you will need on our Student Links page.

If you are having problems logging in or with connecting to our systems or IT services, you can access IT support in a number of ways:

If your login details are not working, you will need to contact us in other ways. Have your student ID number ready with you.

College Email 

All Students access their email from

Free Wi-Fi

There is full WiFi coverage across the campus.

To access; connect to NLC WiFi using your 8-digit student number (for example 20035887) and current Password. Social Media access is allowed on the college network but your access will be revoked if you are found abusing the access. Please use these facilities in accordance with the Acceptable Use Statement. Windows 10 and the Microsoft Office suite is installed on all computers across the campus and students can access Office365 for home use.

Online Storage

All students have personal storage space at

This is accessible from all computers by clicking on the “my computer” icon on the desktop and selecting drive “O”.

This storage space is located on Onedrive in Office365. There is also a shared area where your tutor may put resources in your respective curriculum program area (progarea) for you to work from on college sites. This can also be accessed from off-site by logging into with your college email address (for example: and current password. This will also give you access to Office applications for free whilst you are studying at the college.

Canvas and Teams

We use Canvas and Teams for our online learning platforms.
These are where your tutor will provide resources and activities for your course. Your tutor will guide you to which platform you use on your course.

When off-site, files can be accessed via OneDrive, using your usual student login details.


Student passwords are set to expire every 360 days.
You will be prompted when logging in to input a new password when this period is reached. Your initial password is available from your programme tutor.

You can reset your password using this online tool.


Acceptable Use Statement

When using information technology, it is not acceptable to:

  • Mistreat or tamper with equipment
  • Remove, deface or tamper with equipment markings or labels
  • Create or transmit any offensive, defamatory, obscene or indecent images, data or other material
  • Infringe copyright
  • Transmit unsolicited commercial or advertising material
  • Access facilities or services without authorization
  • Waste staff effort or information technology resources
  • Corrupt or destroy other users’ data
  • Violate the privacy or disrupt the work of other users
  • Use the College network or internet service in a way that denies service or access to other users
  • Continue to use a piece of equipment or software after a member of staff has requested you to stop using it
  • Introduce viruses, malware or ransomware into the system

And, unless as part of your coursework it is not acceptable to:

  • Load, alter or remove software or files
  • Alter hardware or software settings
  • Unplug or move equipment

All use of College services is logged and internet access is filtered and monitored in order to ensure that the College can meet the Prevent Duty and good safeguarding practice. Reports are generated which will be reviewed by an appropriate member of staff as a matter of routine.
Failure to comply with the above will result in withdrawal of access to information technology facilities and disciplinary action being taken against you.