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Travelling to College

Travel to College

There are many different travel options available to get to the College, whether you choose to take the bus, drive, or try a different mode of transportation, it’s important to plan ahead and know what to expect so you can arrive on campus safely and on time.

Students aged 16-18 (as of 31/08/2024)

If you live over 3 miles from College, we are able to help subsidise your travel so that you only pay £90 for the year for a travel pass. There are a number of buses that run to the College, take a look at our timetables below to see what route would be best for you. If you’re unsure, please contact us and we can look at alternative arrangements.

You can apply for a travel pass using the following links:

All transport routes (excluding Lincolnshire)

Lincolnshire (these include; Market Rasen-Caistor-Nettleton-South Kelsey-North Kelsey-Howsham-Searby-Bigby – Lincoln-Hemswell Cliff-Hemswell – Gainsborough – Blyton-Laughton-Scotton-Scotter)

Don’t forget to also apply for Financial Assistance, if you’re eligible for Financial Assistance, you could get this refunded making it a free pass! We also offer support through Financial Assistance towards mega-rider tickets for people living more than 2 miles from College.

Students aged 19 or over (as of 31/08/2024)

If you live over 2 miles from College, you do not qualify for a bus pass however we can support you with the travel costs through the College’s Financial Assistance Fund. We can support with bus/train tickets, or petrol costs dependant on your mode of transport.

Travelling by Train

It’s around a 25 minute walk from Scunthorpe’s train station to our North Lindsey campus. With regular trains to and from the station from towns and cities around the region and beyond, travelling via train is another easy option for getting to us.

Click here to check train times online via National Rail Enquiries

Help and Support

If you’re unsure about the route you need to take, how to apply for your bus pass or have any other concerns about travel please get in touch on 01724 294179 or email financial.support@northlindsey.ac.uk

Bus Travel - New timetables coming soon