Gender Pay Gap Report 2019


The Government introduced an annual requirement for all organisations with over 250 employees to publish data in relation to gender and pay. As well as complying with our legal responsibilities this work will continue to assist and inform our equality and diversity strategy going forward. The reference point for this data for DN Colleges Group is 31st March 2019. For the purposes of this statement, DN Colleges Group includes the following: Doncaster College and North Lindsey College. The two colleges merged on 1st November 2017.


The detail below shows the Group’s overall mean and median gender pay and bonus gap as at 31st March 2019.


Mean Median
Pay Gap 9.88% 20.39%
Bonus Gap 31.05% 67.27%

DN Colleges Group bonus data applies to only 12 staff, (10 female and 2 male). More women received a bonus but this equates to only 1.6% of the total number of women employed by the Group during the reference period compared to 1.0% of men.


For the purposes of the report, the Group has an overall make up of 65.70% female (a small decrease from last year’s report) and 34.30% male staff. Analysing our Gender Pay gap continues to reveal the following: It is in the lower quartiles that the Group continues to have a much higher representation of women than the Group average and which is still affecting the overall median. As previously indicated, these quartiles include many support roles such as Learning Support Assistants, Food Technicians and Early Years Practitioners. These roles have traditionally attracted more women, possibly due to the potential for flexible work which is undertaken largely on a part- time and term-time only basis. Disproportionately therefore we have a lower number of women in the upper quartiles, although the upper quartile is closer to the overall profile.



The diagram below shows the distribution of men and women across the 4 pay quartiles:


lower quartile Lower Quartile

lower middle quartile Lower Middle Quartile

upper middle quartile Upper Middle Quartile

upper quartile Upper Quartile



The Gender pay gap remains a complex issue and is impacted by a number of factors. In 2018/19 we have experienced some minor movement in female representation across the quartiles including a slight improvement in the female representation in the upper quartile (1.74%). The number of senior women in an organisation, the culture, promotion opportunities, flexible working, and occupational segregation will all continue to impact the ‘gap’. Our action plan below, which was designed to    influence these factors, will continue to be monitored helping us develop a long term strategic approach to change.


Our aim is to adopt the actions detailed below for 2020:

  • Continue to analyse and review our detailed workforce information data on a termly basis, reviewing gender equality pay data, recruitment data and other emerging issues including this action
  • In future ensure our staff survey data contains a gender split so that we can identify and where possible react specifically to the experiences of our female staff
  • Introduce unconscious bias training for staff representing all areas of the DN Colleges Group
  • Ensure we offer leadership and management development and general development opportunities to staff in the lower quartiles and monitor take up by gender and resulting


We will continue to monitor pay and reward at DN Colleges Group, including gender pay and equal   pay, on a regular and on-going basis. Our aim is that all our people are treated fairly, irrespective of their gender and in accordance with our values and commitment to Equality and Diversity.