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GCSE Results Day 2023

Please come to collect you GCSE results from 9am on Thursday 24th August. Results will be available from the Dance Studio @ Doncaster College or A102 @ North Lindsey College. The English and Maths team will be on hand to help with any queries you may have.

If you can’t come into college, results will be emailed out to your student e-mail address from 11am.


If you are coming into college to enrol onto a course, you MUST bring your results with you on your designated day.

Exam re-marks

If a learner wants to challenge their results, they can do so. This must be done before 22nd September, and there are two types of Enquiries about Results (EAR):

  1. Clerical re-check – this is someone checking that the marks have been added up correctly and costs:
    • AQA £8.70 per paper
    • EdExcel £11.90 per paper
  2. Review of Marking – this includes a clerical check and a review of marking by a Senior Examiner and costs:
    • AQA £40.35 per paper (a copy of reviewed script is included in this service)
    • EdExcel £42.40 per paper (a copy of reviewed script is included in this service)

All learners must sign a declaration stating that they understand that their marks may go down as well as going up. If you do want to go ahead with any of the above, please speak with your tutor first.


There is an opportunity to re-sit the exams in November – all learners must speak with their tutor regarding this.


Certificates aren’t due into college until October, please make sure that your address and name information are correct. E.g., first name and last name are spelt correctly, otherwise you will be charged for the replacement costs.