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Counselling Skills NCFE Level 2 Certificate

Many people find it helpful to seek counselling at some point in their lives, and a counsellor can provide support for people in all sorts of situations. If you’re interested in supporting people to improve their personal well-being, this course will provide you with the correct understanding, knowledge and skills to do that. You’ll learn about core counselling skills and how to use them in a counselling relationship. You will also be taught about counselling theory and the ethical framework that informs how counsellors use their skills

Key Information

  • Course Level

    Level 2

  • Duration

    11 weeks

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• Course Content
• Describe how core counselling skills can be used in a counselling relationship and in other helping activities
• Describe how counselling theory underpins the use of counselling skills
• Describe how the ethical framework informs own use of counselling skills.
• Describe how to develop skills and qualities in the future Benefits

Financial Support

Depending on your situation, you may be able to access a range of financial support available.

Course Fees


fully Funded


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Information for EU Students

From January 2021, how you apply for a course will change. For more information, read the UK Government's guide for the UK points-based immigration system for EU students (pdf).

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