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Managing Your Team

This session examines the roles we play in teams, the stages of team
development and what we can do as managers to get the best out of our team.

  • Benefits of team effectiveness
  • Your role and responsibilities as a manager
  • How to motivate and engage your people
  • Developing a team charter
  • Stages of team development
  • Building relationships and communicating effectively
  • Managing team conflict.
  • Recognising the roles team members play
  • Building relationships and communicating effectively.
  • Characteristics of high performing teams
  • Action-planning, review and close

Key Information

  • Course Level

    Level 2

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  • Motivation and engagement – what motivates people?
  • What can you do as a manager to engage and motivate your team?
  • Stages of Team Development.
  • Belbin’s Team Roles.
  • Characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Dealing with conflict in teams.
  • Delegation and empowerment.
  • Action-planning, review and close.

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