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UAL Level 2 Diploma in Music Performance & Production

The Level 2 Diploma in Music Performance and Production will give you skills, knowledge and understanding from a range of subject areas such as composition, sound recording, mixing and production, sequencing, music business, music theory, band rehearsal techniques and live performance.

This course is practical and will provide you with the opportunity to perform regularly at college events and external venues or record, mix and produce bands in a professional recording studio or compose music for film, games and streaming platforms such as Spotify.

By the end of the course you will have the skills, knowledge and understanding to undertake a ‘final major project’ (FMP) whereby you will choose one of the following: a 20-minute live performance, a 10-minute recording portfolio or a 10-minute composition portfolio.

Whilst on this qualification students can resit their GCSE Maths and/or English.

Students typically progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production.

Key Information

  • Course Level

    Level 2

  • Delivery


  • Duration

    1 Year

  • Awarding Body

    University of the Arts London logo

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Units that you will be studying include: –

– Unit 1 Introduction to music performance
– Unit 2 Introduction to music production
– Unit 3 Listening skills for music performance and production
– Unit 4 Exploring music composition
– Unit 5 Contextual research for music performance and production
– Unit 6 Music performance skills and practice
– Unit 7 Music production skills and practice
– Unit 8 Music performance and production project

There will also be the opportunity to research the history and context of music performance and production and use it to inform professional practice. You will also take responsibility for the research, planning, time management and actions necessary to access progression opportunities in Further Education or related work.

All assessments will be achieved through coursework and practical activities, known as projects.

Financial Support

Depending on your situation, you may be able to access a range of financial support available.

Course Fees


We do not currently have fee information available for this course. Please contact us for further information.


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