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IRTEC IRTE Workshop Accreditation

IRTE Workshop Accreditation is an independent review of your procedures and practice, aimed at recognising good practice it involves an independent audit by one of SOE’s approved auditors. This highlights best practice compliance in areas such as premises, equipment, technical staff, management, clerical staff, documentation, quality and appearance. The audit will enable you to identify any areas for development, leading to better outcomes for your customers and employees. Maintenance providers receiving IRTE Workshop Accreditation achieve a competitive advantage, benefiting from inclusion in the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register, thereby demonstrating their commitment to delivering high levels of service. This comprehensive online database of accredited maintenance providers includes information on location, services, facilities, vehicle test pass rates, RIDDOR stats, HSE notices and more. Once accredited workshop details will be included in the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register. You will also receive the IRTE Accredited Workshop logo which you can use on your marketing and stationery, we will additionally send you an approval certificate. IRTE Workshop Accreditation is valid for three years then needs to be renewed.
• Demonstrate your workshop’s quality standards via health and safety records and areas of expertise
• Show competence to customers
• Get a non-biased review of how your workshop compares to the industry standard
• Identify training needs for increased workshop efficiency
• Your clients will use your services with confidence.
• Receive a competitive advantage through inclusion in the Register of Accredited IRTE Workshops
• Promotes best practice in workplace procedures.

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