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IRTEC Inspection Technician Large Commercial Vehicle & Bus & Coach

Inspection Technician is the most commonly taken programme as it examines the candidates’ knowledge against the VOSA testers’ manual.
To complete this candidates should be competent at inspecting a large commercial vehicle (7.5+ tonnes) as well as a bus and coach and identifying their faults.
Eligibility to undertake the Inspection Technician route; you must be working in a Commercial Workshop and have a minimum of three years experience which needs to be checked.
All assessment centres recommend the Inspection Technician Licence which takes at least a day in your workplace. Requirements include access to an inspection area, a large commercial vehicle (7.5+ tonnes) as well as a bus and coach to carry out an inspection on and wifi access for exams. After successful completion of both exams, and practical assessment you will be awarded an Inspection Technician accreditation/qualification, certificate, identification card and be added to the IRTEC Technicians Directory which lasts for five years.
Additional costs to the training include additional transport – ferries, planes and hire vehicles.

Key Information

  • Course Level

    Level 2

  • Duration

    1 Day Assessment

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The Inspection Technician Licence is comprised of two practical assessment (Inspection of a large commercial vehicle – 7.5+ tonnes as well as a bus and coach) and two online theory tests (legislative – 15 questions and technical – 35 questions – pass mark 60%).

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