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Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

Our certificate in understanding the care and management of diabetes course is great for both individuals interested in developing their understanding of diabetes, as well as employers looking for training to upskill their staff.

This level 2 certificate provides an understanding of diabetes including the treatment and management of diabetes. Develop an understanding of the different types of diabetes and how they can occur as well as developing knowledge on how diabetes is diagnosed and initial care.

This diabetes training also develops an awareness of how type 2 diabetes can be delayed with lifestyle changes and learn about on-going care and treatment to control blood sugar levels. The treatment and management of diabetes is crucial in ensuring the quality of life for those with this condition.

Key Information

  • Course Level

    Level 2

  • Delivery

    Distance / Online

  • Duration

    8 to 12 weeks on average

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Unit 1: Understand diabetes

Explore the varying functions of glucose and insulin in the blood, the different forms and causes of diabetes, as well as the risk factors associated with each type.

Unit 2: Prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes

Examine the prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes, paying attention to how the condition can be delayed, or even prevented, through healthy lifestyle changes.

Unit 3: Understand the initial care of diabetes

Investigate how Diabetes can be managed and monitored. As well as considering the mental and physical impact that diabetes diagnosis can have on an individual.

Unit 4: Understand treatment and management of diabetes

Develop an understanding of the ongoing care and treatment recommended to control blood glucose levels and identify how best to prevent and detect complications in people with diabetes.

Learning Method(s)

Online materials
Paper materials
Online assessment
Paper assessment

  • Perfect for beginners

Financial Support

Depending on your situation, you may be able to access a range of financial support available.

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We do not currently have fee information available for this course. Please contact us for further information.


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