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Level 2 Apprenticeship Vehicle Fitting

Course Overview

Apprenticeships combine on the job and off the job training. On the job, an apprentice will work with an employer’s mentor or line manager, learning the skills on site and working towards the competency element of the qualifications. Off the job, apprentices work with their assessor and have access to resources, such as a workbook, to ensure they learn the knowledge elements of the framework. If the required level of Maths, English and ICT qualifications have not been previously achieved or where qualifications are no longer in date, apprentices must also complete functional skill qualifications in these subjects. These would be completed through agreed delivery methods and support including classroom, distance learning, e-learning and assessor support.

This framework will enable learners to develop their motor vehicle fitting skills, knowledge and experience. It also enables an individual to gain valuable work experience and obtain qualifications whilst working with an employer.

What you will learn
Mandatory Units
Knowledge of Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment
Knowledge of Support for Job Roles in the Automotive Work Environment
Competency in Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment
Competency in Supporting Job Roles in the Automotive Work Environment
Skills in Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment
Knowledge of materials, fabrication, tools and measuring devices used in the automotive environment

Examples of Optional Units
Knowledge of how to Identify and Agree Motor Vehicle Customer Service Needs
Inspection, Repair and Replacement of High Performance Light Vehicle Tyre
Light Vehicle Four Wheel Alignment
Inspection and Repair of Light Vehicle Clutches
Inspection and Replacement of Light Vehicle Braking Systems & Components
Safe use of Oxy-Acetylene in Automotive Applications
Routine Light Vehicle Maintenance

The apprenticeship framework consists of
Level 2 Diploma in Vehicle Fitting Competence
Level 2 Diploma in Vehicle Fitting Principles
Functional Skills: Maths and English
Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills
Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Job Roles for the Apprenticeship
Vehicle Fitters provide a fast and efficient service to customers with busy lives and to businesses operating vans, trucks and buses. At level 2, Motor Vehicle Fitters will ensure that batteries, exhausts and wheels are fit for purpose and Fast Fit Technicians will specialise in inspecting and replacing tyres ensuring that vehicles are safe and fuel efficient

Maximum of £5,000 which supports the Colleges costs including delivery, assessment, registration and accreditation. Funding is dependent on the employer size, individuals age and existing qualifications. Many apprenticeships are free to employers but we will confirm this when we are working with you and before an employer makes a formal commitment to employing an apprentice.

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