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Leading Effective, Successful & Worthwhile Meetings

Course Overview

Do you need to improve the effectiveness and value of meetings in your workplace?

Do your meetings tend to go off course, be dominated by a few, not come to firm decisions, take too long or seem to lack people’s input and enthusiasm?

Successful, worthwhile and valued meetings are important to sustain effective communication,
motivation and involvement across teams and organisations.

Ineffective, drawn out, devalued, unnecessary or badly led meetings can have an extremely negative impact on performance, time management and team working.

Suitable for:
This 1 day course is for anyone needing to ensure they can effectively plan, manage and follow up meetings, which attendees find worthwhile, productive and useful.

What makes a good, successful meeting?

Why are meetings important, what is their purpose and impact?

The value and importance of effective, considered planning and communication
before a meeting.

How to “manage” the meeting – people, agendas, discussions, decision making,

Following up on actions agreed, communicating decisions and information.

Course Fees – £130

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      Leading Effective, Successful & Worthwhile Meetings

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      Part Time

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      1 day running, 9am - 4pm

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