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Handling difficult conversations and conflict in the workplace

Course Overview

Having to address attitude, behavioral or conflict issues in the workplace
can be very hard, if not done effectively it can make things worse, cause
unnecessary anger, resentment and potentially damage working relationships in
and across teams. It is a key skill and quality of effective and successful
leadership at any level to be able to confront and challenge, to be able to
negotiate and influence, and to be able to create win-win situations to minimise
and diffuse conflict in the workplace.

This programme will help attendees to identify and pre-empt potential
conflict situations, how to plan and carry out difficult conversations to
address issues and concerns with others, and understand the value and importance
of effective communication, assertive behaviour and good problem solving and
decision making skills.

The course covers the following:

What causes conflict in the workplace, how does it build up and show
Why some conflict is good and necessary;
The impact of
negative conflict and attitude issues on individual, team and
organisational performance;
Identifying situations and concerns
that need addressing;
Planning and Carrying out a “difficult
Practical tips and techniques to manage conflict

Course: £130

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      Handling difficult conversations and conflict in the workplace

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      1 day, 9am - 4pm

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