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Developing assertiveness and self confidence

Course Overview

Do you feel sometimes you want to, and you could, achieve more but you feel you lack the skills, knowledge or confidence to move forward? Do others feel you should be more assertive with people and situations in the workplace but you are not sure how to meet these expectations? Would you value a day of practical tips and techniques to help you find ways of building self-confidence and self-esteem?

What is Assertiveness?; The impact of different styles and personalities – passive, assertive, aggressive; Identifying and Developing Assertive behaviors for yourself and when working with others; Practical ways to develop and demonstrate self-confidence and assertiveness; Identifying what you want to achieve, setting personal goals and objectives; How to learn from experiences and situations to use to improve self-confidence and self-development

Course: £130.00; Total Cost: £130.00

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      Developing assertiveness and self confidence

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      Part Time

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      1 day

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