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Appraisal Training

Course Overview

Does your organisation really get the best out of appraisals and performance reviews or are they perceived as “chores”, “paperwork exercises” or not directly linked to day to day performance and improvement?

What positive impact and effect should appraisals and performance reviews have on the individual, the person carrying them out and the wider organisation?

Do you need to introduce or improve your review processes and practices?

This is a one programme suitable for anyone who carries out appraisals or performance reviews and/ or those with responsibility for implementing and managing appraisal/review processes in their organisation.

The value and importance of effective appraisals and performance reviews.

What should be the purpose and benefits for the individual, the appraiser and
the wider organisation.

Preparing for the review meeting – what should happen prior to it?

Carrying out effective review meetings – personal skills and qualities.

Following up review meetings – action planning, communicating, implementing,

Linking individual and team reviews to day-to-day performance management

Practical tips and techniques to support the achievement of effective

Course Fee – £130

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      Appraisal Training

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      Part Time

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      1 day running, 9am - 4pm

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