Coronavirus Information Advice

As an anchor institution in North Lincolnshire, North Lindsey College remains committed to utilising all its resources to support its staff, students, apprentices and the wider North Lincolnshire community during these difficult times.

Important Covid-19 Update: Re-opening College to Learners from Monday 8th March 2021 

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, we are really excited to welcome all our students back.  To help keep the college community as safe as we can for everyone, the College is taking a staged approach for on-site learning. 

Your Course Tutor will be in touch with specific details about when you are expected to return to College, but here are the key things you need to know for now. Please read carefully the following details. 

Returning to College

  • From 8th March we expect every 16 to 19 student to attend in person, and to undertake the majority of their planned hours on site.
  • Adult learners may also return on site.
  • Apprentices will be required to attend for College planned sessions with dates and times agreed with employers.
  • Higher Education students will have a phased blended model with the exception of practical or practice-based subjects (Further details will be issued to students).
  • We will continue to employ a blended learning model – with elements of on site and remote learning dependent upon course and student needs.
  • Work placements will continue in agreement with employers.
  • We will continue to respond to additional IT requirements for students, whether devices or internet connectivity, where identified.
  • Learning Resource Centres and catering facilities will be open.
  • Kingsway Children’s Centre will remain open.
  • Students who are clinically extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable should not attend College until 31stMarch at the earliest.
  • Students living with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable can still attend College.
  • The Government’s shielding guidance is reviewed regularly to advise in advance of any extension or end date.

Protective Measures

1. Students, staff, contractors and visitors must not come into College if:

  • they have one or more COVID-19 symptoms
  • a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms
  • they are required to isolate e.g. NHS Test and Trace
  • they have had a positive test

Isolating and online reporting arrangements continue.

2. Face coverings:

  • due to updated guidance – March 2021 on the use of face coverings in education, we have reviewed the College position. It is our expectation that all staff, students and visitors will provide and wear a face covering in all indoor environments, unless exempt. You can remove a face covering to eat or drink, to take medication, for identification purposes and when lone working. Staff are not expected to wear a face covering in staff rooms and offices where a 2 meter distance can be maintained or whilst lone working.
  • we strongly recommend and encourage everyone to wear face coverings responsibly, learning will not be disadvantages to those refusing to wear a covering. Refusal will not lead to a negative consequence unless it is done in an offensive manner where usual disciplinary processes for behaviour and attitude would be initiated.
  • do not need to be worn when outdoors on College premises (but social distancing must be maintained)
  • lesson times will be shortened to allow students and staff the opportunity to go outdoors, similar outdoor breaks will be encouraged for all staff.
  • this requirement will be introduced for a limited time until Easter, and as with all measures, we will keep it under review and update guidance at that point.
  • face visors or shields should not be worn as an alternative to face coverings.
  • staff and students should provide own face coverings.

3. Thorough and regular hand cleaning

4. Promotion of ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’ approach

5. Enhanced cleaning arrangements, including frequently touched surfaces and provision of cleaning stations and with staff responsibility for regular cleaning within areas

6. Minimising contact and maintaining social distancing wherever possible, including:

  • Floor markings
  • Signage
  • Room layouts and occupancy limits
  • Staggering lunch times
  • Avoiding corridor queues

7. Ventilation – mechanical and natural

8. Asymptomatic testing – promotion and engagement

Asymptomatic Testing


  • Testing is not mandatory, but all students are strongly encouraged to join in the asymptomatic testing programme.
  • When returning to College, students will be offered 3 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests, aligned where possible with timetables and a minimum 3 days apart.
  • Arrangements are being made for some students to start to receive these onsite tests w/c 1stMarch.
  • Once students have been tested 3 times at College, they will be provided with home test kits for regular twice weekly testing at home.
  • Upon receipt of the Test at Home kits by the College, arrangements will be made for students to collect these kits at College upon completion of their third onsite test.
  • Students (or parents/carers) consent is required for onsite testing. Test at home does not require written medical consent; consent is given by completing the test.
  • All test at home results (negative or positive) must be reported both via the NHS Test and Trace reporting system and also to the College.
  • The testing centre will liaise with course tutors on student testing arrangements.

Covid-19 Testing

A consent form must be completed by all staff and every student over 16, under 16s must be completed by a parent or guardian, under 18s must discuss this with their parent or guardian before submitting, this form is available here. (one per person).

Click here for more information about Covid-19 Testing

Asymptomatic Lateral Flow Home Testing

Following each lateral flow home test, all results (negative, positive and void) must be reported using the following form. Note all positive results must also be reported using the symptoms,  isolation and positive result reporting form:

Click here to report your lateral flow home testing result

Consent Form link

COVID-19 Testing Consent Form