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Traineeships aim to help you improve your skills to support you in being successful in gaining an Apprenticeship, employment or further learning.

A Traineeship can last from 6 weeks – 1 year. However, most traineeships last less than 6 months. During your Traineeship you will have a work placement and carry out further training with us at North Lindsey College.

Traineeship Structure

During your traineeship, you will receive the following:

  • An individualised learning plan to support you in getting the most from your traineeship.
  • Training and support to prepare you for work.
  • High quality work placement of a minimum 70 hours, but no more than 240 hours.
  • Further development with English, maths and digital skills if needed.
  • Sector specific vocational learning to support you further in gaining an apprenticeship or a job.
  • An interview for an apprenticeship or job if available.
  • Pastoral guidance and support
  • If there isn’t an apprenticeship or vacancy available at the end of your Traineeship, you will have an exit interview where meaningful and supportive feedback will be provided to help you secure an apprenticeship or job vacancy in the future.

Benefits of a Traineeship

  • You will be paid £40 on a weekly basis (up to a maximum of £640 total for the duration of the programme) – subject to 100% attendance on all aspects of the traineeship.
  • A traineeship provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills and gives you a chance to gain valuable work experience in an industry of your choice and helps you be “work ready”. All things Employers want to see.
  • It will allow you to be more competitive when applying for apprenticeships and job vacancies in the future.
  • You will be able to show Employers you have what it takes to be successful in an apprenticeship or a job.
  • An enhanced CV.
  • Improved confidence and development of transferable skills such as team building and communication.

Student View

Trainee Ebony shares her experiences after completing her Traineeship and the benefits of it. She is now preparing to attend College full-time on the next step of her progression.

Alternative video format

00:00:00Hi I’m Ebony, I’m 18 years old and I’m on the traineeship programEbony stands in the Learning Resource Centre room, in front of study tables. A few students are visible working and studying at two of the tables in the distance.
00:00:05I’ve been there since February and I’ve just finished it now, and the reason I went on this course was because I had [a lack] of confidence
00:00:12And I didn’t have any experience really, I’d never had a job before
00:00:16During this course we learned a lot about CV writing, job interviews, and we gain really helpful work experience with really trustworthy employers.
00:00:26We learn how to work in a workplace and now I’m going to go on to college full time in September doing a creative media course.
00:00:34I’m really happy because I gained a lot of confidence after having a hard time in the past with college and I just feel like I’m ready to go on something new

Apply for a Traineeship

If you are interested in carrying out a Traineeship complete the Traineeship enquiry form and we will contact you.

Entry Requirements

  • Age 16-24 (25 with an EHCP)
  • Have little or no work experience but are motivated to work
  • Eligible to work in England
  • Qualified up to Level 3
  • Applying for an Apprenticeship but so far been unsuccessful.


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