I want to become an Apprentice

If you are thinking about your next steps then why not become an apprentice? If you become an apprentice you will earn while you learn and gain skills, knowledge and qualifications employers value.

We have over 2000 apprentices, working with over 800 employers across most sectors in our region and this number is growing – in 5 years our apprenticeships have increased from 300 to over 1300 apprentices per year.

So you want to become an apprentice? Or maybe just thinking about the idea?

Well, there has never been a better time to consider an apprenticeship as that first step towards your career. To become an apprentice, will offer you the chance to continue your studies but to also be employed; earning a wage, gaining apprenticeship qualifications and valuable industry experience.


Keeping up-to-date

If you would like to receive weekly updates about our vacancies, you will need to opt in to receiving this information by emailing apprenticeshipsupport@dncolleges.ac.uk


We will help you find an employer with a vacancy that suits you. Employers come to North Lindsey College because:

  • They know our students will already be developing the skills, knowledge and experience that will make you potentially a good candidate
  • We have an excellent reputation as a training provider
  • We offer a very broad range of apprenticeships suitable for school leavers through to senior managers

Become an Apprentice – Key facts

  • Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles
  • The College has apprenticeships with over 400 employers
  • North Lindsey is the largest local provider with over 1300 apprentices
  • Apprenticeships are available in more than 170 industries
  • We have over 80 different types of apprenticeships available
  • Intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships are available
  • Many employers offer above minimum wage
  • Many employers who offer the minimum wage increase it during the first year
  • Many jobs today are only available through an apprenticeship
  • After finishing, the majority of apprentices (90%) stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer
  • On average, individuals with an advanced apprenticeship earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with Level 2 qualifications
  • Apprenticeships are available from Level 2 (5 GCSEs grades 4-9/A-C) all the way up to degree level
  • Apprentices work as a paid employee within an organisation whilst working towards a nationally recognised apprenticeship
  • Apprentices usually work for at least 30 hours a week and training for their apprenticeship will take place either at work or in College, part-time staff can also do apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships take between 1 to 5 years depending on the level, type of apprenticeship and prior skills


The benefits of an apprenticeship include:

  • Earning a wage whilst you are working.
  • Gaining work-related skills and knowledge in College and in the workplace.
  • Gaining a nationally recognised apprenticeship qualification.
  • Opportunity to process onto further studies, including university.
  • Receive support and mentoring in your job role as an apprentices.
  • All the benefits of being employed, such as paid holidays.

Employers recruit apprentices all year round. You can apply if you are at College or if you are not studying at College. Apprenticeships are a job with apprenticeship training. You have to apply for an apprenticeship just like any other job. You will go through the employers recruitment process, for example, application form and interview.

See below for all of our current vacancies. Check this page regularly as we have new vacancies throughout the year.





Current Apprenticeship Vacancies

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