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Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

We offer leadership and management apprenticeships from Level 2 through to Level 6. This means that from a potential team leader or supervisor through to a middle or senior manager, there is an apprenticeship for you

Unlock your potential, open your eyes to the opportunities available in this region and develop the skills and knowledge employers value across different sectors.

Employers really value the chance to recruit from College as we can recommend and support our students into great apprenticeship opportunities. So you can apply direct to an apprenticeship vacancy or come to College as a student and apply whilst you are studying with us.

Apprenticeship Vacancies

We have close links with local employers that may require apprentices. We advertise vacancies on the College website as well as on the Gov.UK Apprenticeships website.

View our Apprenticeship Vacancies page

Career Salaries

The average Leadership salary is £56,584. Working in Leadership you can earn between £25,378 and £108,900.

The average Facilities Management salary is £23,006. Working in Facilities Management you can earn between £19,240 and £37,994.

(Sources: Reed Salary Guide, and Check-a-Salary)

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships