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Reasons to Join

It is great to work for the DN Colleges Group. We offer an attractive salary plus many other benefits including DNCG Benefits (access to retail and leisure discounts), cycle to work scheme, flexible working, health & fitness suite, generous annual leave, development opportunities and pension provisions.

Here at DN Colleges we have a family culture and a great work/life balance.

What makes us different?

  • We offer flexible working
  • We listen and engage directly positively
  • We values people’s input
  • We will invest in you
  • We will offer you training and development opportunities
  • We have a buddy system
  • We have a family culture

Staff Matters Group – Your Voice

We are a group made up of members of staff from across the DN Colleges Group. Any member of staff can attend our monthly meetings.

We meet monthly to discuss:

  • Staff Benefits
  • Staff Development
  • Physical Working Conditions
  • New Ways of Working
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Accommodation Changes
  • Staff Awards
  • Staff Welfare
  • Staff Suggestions

Mental Health and Wellness

We take mental health and wellness seriously here at DN Colleges Group.

Wellness and mental health are the basis of being happy. We offer counselling services here, staff support groups and just to prove how well we are doing we have won the Gold standard award for healthy workplace demonstrating our commitment to becoming a happier and healthier workplace. We have a gym on-site at Doncaster where all staff can use and a range of fitness and leisure classes.

A student wearing gloves and mask holds a strand of another persons shoulder-length hair with one hand, the other using a brush to apply hair colouring to the hair. The rest of the person's hair is pinned and clipped up and around her head as the hairdresser performs the work

Hair and Beauty Salons

DN Colleges have our own beauty salons on site that staff can use. We all like a bit of pampering from time to time and to destress from everyday life. Whether that will be having our hair done, nails or a nice massage, we have these facilities on site for all staff members at discounted rates.

Visit our Salon page

A close up image of two people in chef clothing at work in a kitchen setting. Both are using wooden spoons to mix ingredients in metal bowls set on the worktop in front of them

Food and Coffee

Food and coffee matter to us at DN Colleges and we have some excellent canteen facilities and coffee shops. If hunger strikes, we have a plenty of choice to choose from. Lunch dates are a great way of meeting people here on campus and connecting with others and exchanging ideas. We also enjoy having coffee with our peers and a great way to get to know one another. What better way to connect with people over a coffee in our coffee shop?