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Construction Careers and Opportunities

Inspire the next generation of tradespeople.

DN Colleges needs great tradespeople to support the growth of our fantastic construction industry – but those future tradespeople need someone to inspire, nurture and train them to be the best they can be. Could that be you?

Help combat the construction skills shortage

The UK is experiencing a construction boom – but there is a shortfall in skilled tradespeople to deliver these projects, and the skills gap is only set to widen over the next decade.

Construction teachers, trainers, lecturers, assessors and end-point assessors (EPA) benefit from the personal reward that comes from nurturing young talent, and knowing they are really making a difference to the future of their industry. If this sounds like something that would inspire you – check out our current vacancies here …. Register to hear about future opportunities or get in touch with us today!

Teaching qualifications not required

Due to the nationwide shortage, many providers are supporting their staff through necessary qualifications on the job – so even if you do not have a teaching or assessing qualification, you could still qualify for a role. Working in education is a great opportunity to widen your skills and gain qualifications to help you progress in your career.

Get started on your journey

To get started in discussion your options and joining us, fill in the enquiry form here and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss further with you.

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