Our Vision & Values

We are lucky to be based in a region that is growing in virtually every sector, from renewable engineering, digital technologies, health and social care, tourism and more. The Humber bank and wider Lincolnshire area need well trained, ambitious and forward thinking people looking to develop or kick-start their careers.

North Lindsey College plays a major part in this regional development. We pride ourselves on helping you develop the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to tap into those opportunities. Our students engage with the local business community, gaining placements in organisations that have a much wider reach too.

So studying at North Lindsey College and opting to develop your career in this region can enable you to progress into your dream job, whatever that might be.

Transforming our communities through learning

Our Key Drivers

• Outstanding and inspirational teaching and learning
• Local and regional growth through partnership and collaboration
• A high performing culture that realises potential
• Financially sustainable, investing in growth
• Responsive and adaptive to change
• Innovative and maximising the benefits of technology

Outstanding education and training that enables students to achieve their full potential; meeting social, economic and community needs.