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College Golf Ace Selected for England Regional Squad

Posted: March 16, 2022

North Lindsey College student has achieved his dream ambition of being selected by England Golf for the Yorkshire Regional Coaching Squad aimed at training and development over the winter months to produce the next wave of players competing to win at national and international level for England. 

Kyle Johnson-Rolfe (16) has been playing golf since he was four years of age and was always destined to be a pro golfer. The ambitious teen has been dedicated to the sport for as long as he can remember, and he has now achieved his dream at only sixteen years of age. 

With an impressive +0.4 handicap, Kyle will start official training and competitions around April 2022 against other top boy amateurs. He will continue to study for his Level 2 Award in Sport, Fitness and Active Leisure studies at North Lindsey College as he is part of the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS). TASS enables students at the College special allowances which adapt his timetable to suit him, so he doesn’t miss out on any vital golf training and competitions and that his education is not compromised. On various occasions Kyle has been required to attend vital practice days which could be held anywhere in the region, and he knows that his tutors fully support his golfing commitments. 

Kyle’s success has not come easily, Kyle practices at Doncaster Golf Club between three and four hours a day and allows himself just one day off a week. He has represented Yorkshire Union of Golf Boys squad and Sheffield Union of Golf Club men’s and boys’ team. 

Phil Woodcock is the Regional England and Yorkshire Manager and said, “Kyle has achieved a place on the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (Dise) Level 3 programme for two years. The programme is designed to measure an athletes’ ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development within all aspects of golf. He is working hard and progressing, but there is still a lot to learn. We are keen for Kyle to do well and looking forward to his future success in the sport.” 

Kyle spoke about his achievements and said, “This has always been my aim in life. If you want to achieve something then you can; but this has not come easy to me, I have practised for years. I will also get to compete against better players who will give me the challenge that I am looking for.” 

Kyle continued, “The College has been really understanding and I know that I can go to my tutors for support, I would recommend anyone to come here.”