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Talented Athletes begin their journey at North Lindsey College with the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme 

Posted: November 1, 2021

North Lindsey College has seen its biggest intake of talented athletes across the curriculum to date, supporting through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).  

The College is proud to support eight students currently on the TASS programme and get the very best from their sporting careers and education without them having to choose between the two. This year has seen a range of different talents brought to the TASS scheme at North Lindsey College including two golfers, boxers, Paralympic swimmer, cross-country runner and a dancer.  

The College got involved with the TASS programme after supporting Gemma Richardson who fights in the under 22 category and now 5x National Champion, 3x European Champion, AIBA World Champion and England International Boxer. The College helped Gemma with her studies whilst making allowances for her to be the best in a competitive sport which requires commitment and determination.   

Alessia Andriana, former Frederick Gough student is the dancer and currently studies Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science. Alessia recently competed in the International Championships for Latin American Dance and competed in the Amateur Rising Star against 200 couples and came out ranked top 48 in the world.  

Alessia is so committed to her dancing, she moved to Italy where her family are from to find a male dance partner that was suitably compatible. Her parents live in Messingham, but Alessia has learnt Italian and has family and friends there. The TASS scheme has enabled Alessia to continue to study her sport course, mainly online meetings when she is back in the country and attends college when she is home for competitions. 

In the future Alessia would like to go to university and study further, as one day she would like her own dance school and also be a qualified Physiotherapist. Alessia said, “The tutors are amazing, I wasn’t expecting them to be so accommodating for me as it’s difficult for a college to do. They are hands on especially with my assignments, they find a way for me to do it over a video call whether if it’s a practical I might ask my friends to come on the call with me so I have someone to demonstrate on as I am in Italy more than I am here.”  

 “I would recommend this college all the way how supportive they are, if I can’t meet a deadline which has been set then we have a meeting and they set another target they are extremely flexible and adaptable.”  

Any student at North Lindsey College, from any curriculum area can access TASS by working together to bring the best out of the country’s most exciting new talent.