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Engineering Students Create a Lasting Memorial    

Posted: August 25, 2021

Engineering students at North Lindsey College have used their skills to make a candle votive in support of a staff member who tragically lost her daughter.   

Elaine Surfleet (Teaching Assistant at North Lindsey College) lost her daughter, Gillian aged only 35 after battling a long-term blood condition for eight years. The family were well known at their local church, St Peter’s in Scotter and Elaine wanted to keep her daughter’s memory alive at the church by having a candle votive made in her memory.  

The engineering team at North Lindsey College were more than happy to grant Elaine this small gesture and undertake the project. Phil Scott who is the Engineering Facilitator in that area took lead on the project and soon had involved the Fabrication and Welding and Paint and Body Repair students. The project was also a special request to Phil, having also known Gillian since her early childhood days.  

Rev. David Swannack of Scotter Church agreed to displaying the votive stand in church where the family has been supported throughout Gillian’s illness and holds three generations of family connections. The votive stand will be used for lighting candles in memory of loss of loved ones and commented, “Gillian had been part of the church for many years as well as the family. It was sad to see Gill in her latter years, she was a brave lady and we wanted to remember her in the church and thank you to the College who have made this for us.”  

Joe Dickinson (ECITB Scholarship) student helped create the candle votive and said, “It felt nice to make something that has a meaning and that is special to someone means a lot. It’s the first time I have made something that everyone will see and I’m really proud of it.”  

Gillian was a teacher at Winterhill school in Rotherham before her illness and Elaine said, “She liked nothing better than working with students and helping them progress. She would certainly have approved of this kind gesture.”  

Elaine continued, “On behalf of our family and myself, I sincerely wish to thank all those involved and they should be very proud of this wonderful creation and hopefully it will stand many years of service in St.Peter’s Church in Scotter.”


Photograph (L-R) Rev. David Swannack (Reverend of St Peter’s Church) Katie Louise Wray (Sister to Gillian), Elaine Surfleet (Mother to Gillian), Phil Scott (Engineering Facilitator, North Lindsey College) and Clive Parkinson (Director of Engineering, North Lindsey College) .