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DN Colleges Group to take on 100 Apprentices in 100 Days!   

Posted: May 14, 2021

DN Colleges Group has set themselves an ambitious challenge to recruit 100 new apprentices in 100 days from 14th May 2021.

The added bonus for employers wanting to take on a new apprentice in this current climate will result in them benefitting from a cash incentive of up to £5,000 per apprentice employed.  

DN Colleges Group, including North Lindsey College, Doncaster College and their sites at Airco in Hull and CATCH in Immingham, has set the challenge to reach the target of taking on 100 new apprentices and repeat the success of previous years in a bid to boost opportunities for young people. The impact of Covid, on young people, has meant less job opportunities in our local areas. The College Group is asking employers to be part of the solution by supporting our local people into employment through the offer of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are open to individuals over 16 years, so adults as well as young people can be eligible.  

DN Colleges Group is the 5th largest provider of apprenticeships in England, however with the pandemic, government figures revealed that people starting an apprenticeship has dropped by 19% (The People Management, 2021). Despite this, the College Group are now confident that this challenge is the right time to set this ambitious task and that apprenticeships are back in demand.  

Jill Cooper, Executive Director Employer Engagement and Projects says: “Apprenticeships offer such fantastic opportunities to employ new people into an organisation or to develop existing managers and staff. The College offers a range of over 90 apprenticeships and levels, from level 2 to Higher Apprenticeships up to level 7, and across a broad range of sector specific and broad cross sectors apprenticeships. From accountancy to engineering to health to construction, the College has a growing offer to meet employer’s needs and employers can start an apprentice at whatever time of year that suits their business.”

For employers who are interested to find out more, contact the College’s Apprenticeship team on 01724 709433 for North Lindsey or 01302 553913 for Doncaster.