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Apprentice Success Sees Long-term Partnership Grow in Strength

Posted: March 9, 2021

North Lindsey College and Jack Tighe Industrial Coatings Ltd are celebrating the success of an apprenticeship training partnership with a virtual awards ceremony.   

The celebration marks a major milestone from when the Highways Agency training committee succeeded in putting together the syllabus to gain approval as the first ever recognised Apprenticeship for Industrial Coatings Applicator.  

Jack Tighe Ltd are now looking for their fourth cohort of apprentice recruits, following previous Industrial Coatings Applicator apprentices who were the very first in the UK to pass their end point assessment with Distinctions. Their success could result in the apprentices working all around the UK and be part of the next workforce to address succession planning as a result of an aging workforce who are set to retire at the Jack Tighe Group.  

Jason Simpson (Apprentice) said, I joined as a 30 year old with no experience of construction sites or industrial painting. Within a matter of weeks I was trained to a standard where I was competent on sites. I’ve worked all over the UK from Glasgow down to Isle of Wight and everywhere in-between. On structures ranging from bridges to aircraft carrier navy ships. I’m currently working at Wembley stadium!  

As for the College side of the apprenticeship, Alfie Dunn has been absolutely immense in his role, without his help I’m almost positive none of us would have made it to the end. I can’t praise him enough for his help.”  

John Whittaker (Training Manager Jack Tighe Group) said: “It has been amazing watching the journey these individuals have undertaken and watching them grow into the position of industrial coating applicators, yes sure there has been some ups and downs, some Apprentices leaving but nothing can take away the ambition of those remaining, from start to finish the Apprentices have shown fantastic attitude towards their end goals.” John continued, “The end point assessment arrived in September 2020 delayed slightly due to the covid-19 pandemic, which again was very trying for the Apprentices but again they rose to the challenge facing it head on. The work and dedication the Apprentices have put in over the past 18 months is why they all accomplished a distinction grade which is a credit to them.  

“On a personal note, it has been so refreshing helping develop these young people and understanding what their achievements mean personally to them.”  

Alfie Dunn (Trainer/Assessor) has been working closely with the organisation and said, “It has been a pleasure to be involved with the training and coaching process of the first group of Industrial Coating Applicator apprentices in the UK and to watch and help if required, how they all managed their individual challenges. I would like to note that many of these learners may not have done so well at school for various reasons, and with this in mind, at first, many of the apprentices found it hard to sit down in a classroom and concentrate. They told me that they did not enjoy being in a classroom and would prefer to be on site actually doing physical work but they all knew that to complete their apprenticeship they would have to accept the fact they needed to attend college and learn to take in everything that was expected of them. To their credit they all worked hard, listened, watched and slowly started to believe in themselves.   

“When I compare them now to how they were at the start of their apprenticeship, it makes me proud to be associated with them and would like to say well done and good luck for the future.”    

For more information or to apply please call North Lindsey College on 01724 281111 or email employertraining@northlindsey.ac.uk