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North Lindsey College Talented Athletes to Pursue their Dreams whilst Continuing with their Education

Posted: December 18, 2020

North Lindsey College is committed to supporting its talented athletes, with confirmation of the TASS Dual Career Accreditation as part of their commitment for students to succeed and achieve their dreams.

The TASS Dual Career Accreditation allows elite athletes to progress into their chosen disciplines whilst they are still in education which is funded by Sports England.

The College has recognised seven talented students so far across a range of different curriculum areas and in a range of sporting professions including boxing, extreme sports motocross, running, golf and swimming.

Foundation Studies student Milli Leech is one of the TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) funded by Sports England. TASS allows Milli to train alongside her course at College with the advantage of gaining additional qualifications in nutrition and massage courses to help her develop further in her area of expertise. Milli suffers with a rare chest condition called Chronic Bronchitis which affects her breathing but since exercising this has helped her condition massively and hasn’t stopped her from competing in the Special Olympics and for this and involves her training six nights a week in Hull. 

Kyle JohnsonRolf has also been recognised as a TASS Accreditation student who is studying on the Sport and Uniformed Services course. Kyle plays golf to an elite level and has also started coaching for the Yorkshire boys team, he is also looking to be part of the Sheffield union team next year. Kyle boasts a golfing handicap of 0 and aspires to be a professional golfer on tour or be a golf coach. 

Kyle said, “I came to North Lindsey College to study sport to support my golf with strength and conditioning and knowing about different muscles and diet specific to golf. The TASS programme has been really supportive and helped me with feedback and ideas. The College has nice members of staff, fitness instructors and the fitness suite which helps me toward my goals.  

Ian Hamilton (North Lindsey College Curriculum Leader of Sport and Uniformed Services and Animal Management) said, “We are delighted to be supporting our talented athletes across all areas of the College, helping them become the best they can be in their chosen sport whilst supporting them in their academic studies.”

The Sports team at North Lindsey College have worked with a variety of talented athletes, supporting them to balance their academic commitments with their training needs and to help achieve their sporting goals. The College is proud to have previously supported local Boxing Champion, Gemma Richardson. Gemma is now an England International Boxer, five times National Champion, three times European Champion and AIBA World Champion.