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CATCH Academy Reports Application Rise by Over 50%

Posted: August 6, 2020

Working in partnership with North Lindsey College and CATCH, the CATCH Academy delivers engineering training in an industry setting focusing on electrical and mechanical engineering.

CATCH is an industry-led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in the Humber region. Students who have applied at the Academy can expect to use process plant and tank farm to provide training contextualised for industry offering real life experience to prepare them for industry offering and relevant training that help them prepare for an apprenticeship or higher education.

Successful applicants looking to join the Academy come from schools and colleges across North and North East Lincolnshire, alongside students who have worked in another sector but are looking for a career change.

David Talbot (CATCH Chief Executive Officer UK) said, “It is fantastic to see so many people enrolling on programmes at the CATCH Academy. We are proud of the partnership with North Lindsey College and it great to see that working closely together our intake has grown over the last year. We expect our intake to grow even further over the next year and with so many developments happening in our region, we are keen to play a pivotal role in training the next generation of engineers.”

Former student Ivan Soares can’t speak highly enough of his experience studying at the CATCH Academy and said, “I studied at CATCH because since I was young I always wanted to work in an engineering field, specifically in Electrical. I studied Level 2 Maintenance (electrical and mechanical) 6 Months, Electrical (practical and theory) and 6 months, Mechanical (practical and theory. I really, really enjoyed spending time at CATCH which had small groups and people are friendly.” Ivan has since found employment as an Industrial Hygienist.

Bob Padley (Head of CATCH Engineering) said, “The increase in numbers at the CATCH Academy has been down to the hard work of the instructor team to provide a real industrial learning environment. The classroom and workshop sessions are fun, enjoyable and taught by engineers that possess years of relevant experience. CATCH provides a real industrial environment, plant and process. It really is learning for industry, in industry.”

For further information or to apply for a course at the CATCH Academy contact the Customer Services team on 01724 281111 or email info@northlindsey.ac.uk