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College Performing Arts Students are in the Spotlight

Posted: July 30, 2020

The platform called Spotlight, gives students direct access to live industry vacancies will be set-up on the Scunthorpe campus and is available to North Lindsey College students only, opening up opportunities to students who are striving for a career in performing arts and give them the opportunity to develop their casting profile and access workshops to improve their audition experience. 

Members of Spotlight regularly audition for professional work in TV, film and Theatre and more recently include auditions with the BBC, Smyths Toys, Netflix and Kenny Wax Ltd. Any employment entered will be between the student and their parent or guardian and with Duckegg Theatre Company. 

Leena Pawlyszyn (North Lindsey College Performing Arts Tutor) said, “’Gaining work in the performing arts industry for most, comes after they have completed training. For our students, having the opportunity to work with an agency within the industry, can only mean great things for our students. They will have the chance to work professionally in the industry whilst training with us.” 

Haley Muralee (Artistic Director of Duckegg Theatre Company) said, “North Lindsey College has developed an excellent reputation for delivering further education performing arts courses in Scunthorpe, and we are keen to support that work by offering its students access to our agency representation. Networking and good audition skills are a huge part of entering the arts industry, so this is a great opportunity for students to do this kind of career development alongside their studies.” 

The popular Scunthorpe College has already enjoyed success from their alumni students who have gone on to study at Arts Ed, Emil Dale Academy and LIPA so Spotlight will add to this already successful provision. For wanting to apply for a Performing Arts course, which covers dance, musical theatre, drama and music, at North Lindsey College you can do so via the website or by contacting our Customer Services team on 01724 281111 or email info@northlindsey.ac.uk