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Female tutor swaps teaching English lessons by day for Powerlifting at night

Posted: April 28, 2020

Sam Cadman (26) an English tutor at North Lindsey College, based within the College’s Sport department, assists students to achieve their GCSEs and their sporting goals whilst not losing sight of her own personal accomplishments.  

Sam has been Powerlifting as a hobby for four years, it all started after she joined a body pump class to keep fit. This inspired Sam to take it one step further and have a go at Powerlifting and see how much she could lift.  She realised she was quite good and really enjoyed it, she started training in a cellar beneath a social club in Doncaster at only £1 a session which included a coach!   

Entering her first competition in 2016 and qualifying for the British Junior Championship held in Ashington, Sam came 9th place.  She has now competed in twelve competitions, although she is yet to win one, she has come second numerous times.    

Future goals for Sam include qualifying for the British Senior Championships, which takes place in March 2021, this is to lift 350 kilos in all three lifts, over Squat, Bench and Deadlift.  Sam also has personal goals to achieve by the end of the year, this includes a bench press of 100kg, which is equivalent to a Giant Panda!   

Sam is also a referee for Powerlifting and has helped at competitions for the last two years, enabling her to gain more experience and knowledge.  She enjoys the experience of seeing the other lifters, getting tips and advice from them which also to helps her to improve.     

Sam said, “I think it also just proves to the students who I teach that, we have got lives outside of work.  I have students who want to go to the gym and I say, ‘look at me, I only started this four years ago and look how far I have come and that can be related to English lessons also’. I like to think my story is inspiring, I wish more people would get into it, we get new starters come in and sometimes they get scared away but we want them to come and try something new.”  

Last year the College welcomed British female Olympic Weightlifter Emily Campbell onto campus. Emily came to the College to help develop students’ growth mindset and demonstrate that women can also participate in weightlifting as a sport, as equally as their male counterparts.  Emily delivered sessions to a variety of students in the College, demonstrating the snatch technique used in weightlifting and letting the students have a go.    

If you’re interested in studying Sport, the College are still operating remotely and accepting applications during the current COVID-19 lockdown, contact the team on 01724 281111 or email info@northlindsey.ac.uk