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College Invests Thousands to New Catering Training Provision

Posted: April 28, 2020

Investment in the state of the art training facility at the popular Scunthorpe College, includes sixteen workstations with individual working areas, walk-in fridges and freezers, changing rooms and a teaching station. The investment is also available to external catering and hospitality staff to support ad hoc training requirements.  

Students are already taking advantage of the kitchen with assessments and practical sessions taking place. In addition to this, students are also learning skills in food safety, dietary requirements, food allergies as well as developing their skills in cleanliness and hygiene.  

Olivia Brown (18) came to the College from the Vale Academy and is studying on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Professional Cookery and said, “The new facilities are really good.  We all have our own work stations and all the equipment is brand new; so it is easy to use and makes us take pride in our areas.” 

Olivia continued, “I really enjoy the course, I have learnt lots of new skills in many areas. We have been learning about pastry, poultry, fish and we are going to be learning about confectionery next.  I have applied to the RAF to be a chef when I finish my course.” 

The College is planning for a future mini- pop up restaurant, competitions, community engagement and working in collaboration with other areas with their hospitality needs. 

Angela Gillen (North Lindsey College Curriculum Leader) said, “We are so excited to open our brand new kitchen facilities; not just for the students but for the community.”   

Angela continued, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our young people and adults of North Lincolnshire to train in industry standard kitchens for roles in a growth sector within our region.  Students can develop their skills through the production of high quality dishes as well as chocolateering and cake decorating as well as brilliant work placements in France and Portugal in Michelin star restaurants. 

Applications are open to study for a catering course via the College website, contacting customer services on 01724 281111 or email info@northlindsey.ac.uk for further details.