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HE Engineer Lecturer publishes International paper to inspire the next generation

Posted: March 27, 2020

Meftah completed his PhD in Spectrum Sensory and Cognitive Radio Technology through the University of Hull in 2019, however he is still carrying on with his research in these fields for the University and externally through COST Action (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

His research on Proposed System Module for Wideband Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Multi-Bit Hard Decision using Two-Stage Adaptive Sensing, will be used internationally to help improve systems on power saving protocol, improve satellite communications and improve quality of service.

Working at the UCNL in Scunthorpe and University Centre Doncaster, was the motivation for this paper and his desire is to deliver innovative Engineering provision for DN Colleges Group.

He said, “Although I have published a number of papers in the last few years this paper is different, it is the first research paper which will appear under the umbrella of DN Colleges Groups, UCNL (University Campus North Lincolnshire).”

Meftah has already given workshops and presentations to universities in Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, France and Germany to inspire the next generation and for

scientists to take these findings and make sure that we have systems in place to use Cognitive Radio Technology worldwide by 2025.

He continues to use his findings locally to enhance the way students learn at both the UCNL and University Centre Doncaster and is now working on his next research paper on detecting and filtering multiple drone signal from background noise