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Jack Tighe Leading on Innovation

Posted: March 3, 2020

North Lindsey College and Jack Tighe work in partnership to offer apprenticeships in industrial coatings, and are now looking for their third cohort of apprentices, after a successful 2 years.

The Virtual Reality technology (VR) from Holland, is the first time the equipment has been demonstrated in England which allows users to experience blasting and spraying techniques which is fundamental to the industry, but in a more sustainable way during training.

The VR technology has been utilised in a bid to have a more sustainable training aids for the apprentices.  Using virtual training methods allows the user to be more economically friendly, controlling waste management and is a safe way of learning.

John Whittaker (Training Manager from Jack Tighe Ltd) said, “This type of training is a different method of learning in the VR world.   Technology is advancing all the time and Jack Tighe aims to be at the forefront of any technical advancement within the training environment.  The students use technology every day and have embraced the VR world of training.  For Jack Tighe, the potential of this programme is endless. The development of this course, which is in its infancy and with training standards being developed which creates safe learning environment.”

Henk Van Uden (Greenday Training) delivered the training sessions using the VR equipment and said, “The demonstrations we have been delivering are to train in the virtual way for sandblasting, stripe coating and spraying.  The apprentices have enjoyed using the equipment and have seen improvements already.  Using this equipment will improve their techniques and take them through speed, accuracy, angle, distance and product saving.  The benefits of this enables students to paint without actually using products.”

The apprentices also spend time training at North Lindsey College, using the facilities in their Motor Vehicle department, which is home to their very own drive in spray booth.

Paul Wolstencroft (Jack Tighe Apprentice) said, “North Lindsey College have been supportive putting students through this course.  The apprenticeship can teach you a lot of new skills from blasting and spraying and help you push you through with your career goals.”

For further details regarding apprenticeships, please contact the apprenticeship team on 01724 709433 or email apprenticeshipsupport@northlindsey.ac.uk