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College Steps back in time to learn about the history of RAF Firefighting

Posted: February 13, 2020

The museum has the largest collection of its type in the country with over 20,000 exhibits. Recent visits from the College opened up a history lesson for the students and has enabled them to adapt new skills developed in the College’s workshops towards gaining invaluable opportunities for volunteering work.

Tyler Kidd, 17 (Level 1 Motor Vehicle student) said, “It has been quite educational.  The Green Goddess of Auxiliary was my favourite due to its links with the Vulcan bomber.  It’s been a good opportunity to learn about older vehicles and their history.”

The museum based in Scunthorpe is run by volunteers, mainly former RAF Firemen, who are dedicated to the museum and are keen to expand.  The oldest member of their volunteering team is 85 years old and still maintains the vehicles. He is keen to pass on his knowledge to the students and hopes that they will volunteer also.  Steve Shirley MBE (Chairman and Founder of the Museum of RAF and Firefighting) is now retired after spending 36 years in the RAF as a firefighter and said, “We are trying to raise the profile of the military firefighting and we can only do that from sharing the stories of firefighting in general.”

He continued, “We are looking to provide vocational training outside mainstream education with a hands on approach.  Many of the manufacturers don’t exist anymore so this is a unique opportunity for the students to get involved in.  I see the future with us integrated fully and recognising what we can do.  I’m very excited about this and the support from the local community to support the museum.”

The Scammell Wheelbarrow Pump has never fully been operational.  The students will work on this project to enhance their skills and restore it back to its former glory with the intention of it being brought back to life at the museum.