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New York Fashion Designer Comes Back to College

Posted: January 17, 2020

Ruth Stiefel, could not speak highly enough of the College where she began her career styling and designing in the US. Ruth told the students that with hard work and persistence, anything is possible.  Ruth is also a personal stylist and volunteers for local charities.

After leaving College in 2000, Ruth attended the University of Leeds and completed a bachelor degree in fashion design.  She was soon making a name for herself with well-known labels in England, designing for fashion brands like All Saints and Top Shop and has had her work featured in a variety of fashion magazines as well as working with a variety of celebrities.

Ruth continues to have close links with the College and said, “If there is just one student I can help, I will feel like I have made an impact and make them believe in themselves. Many young people lack confidence, particularly in today’s society.  It is not easy in this industry, but everything is possible with the right encouragement and by working hard.  I took every opportunity to gain new experiences; if you want something so badly, it is possible.”

Ruth continued, “I feel passionate about North Lindsey College, it really gave me the best background for my career.”

Gracie Strang (Extended Diploma in Art and Design student) said, “I’m fascinated in fashion and hearing someone else’s experience has made me confident in what I want to do and what my next steps are, it goes to show that you can succeed.  I am wanting to go to university and study fashion to eventually work in the design and fashion industry.”