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Healthcare Tutor Skydives for Alzheimer’s

Posted: September 6, 2019

Emma Buttrick (39) has pledged to support Alzheimer’s local services that provide support and care for people and families living with Alzheimer’s after a member of her family was diagnosed.  So far, Emma has raised over £1800 over the last two years which has incorporated her biggest challenge to date, a skydive!

“The skydive was terrifying and I was petrified.  Alzheimer’s disease makes the individual feel out of control, disorientated, totally reliant on another person and frightened.  I did the sky dive to feel like that – but just for a short time!

“I am proud to be able to give local organisations the support they need as they solely rely on donations.  Many thanks to everyone who has supported from buying cakes to donating online and cash. Every penny counts and will really benefit people in our local community,” said Emma.

The money raised this year will be used to sponsor the local ‘singing for your brain’ choir and providing outside garden furniture for a respite centre.

Emma not only completed the skydive, but also organised a charity football match and a cake sale at the College.  She was also supported by Team Coyle who donated a hoody for her to wear on the day, along with support from her employer North Lindsey College with banners and promotion.  Emma will continue to raise money for Alzheimer’s and is looking at holding an elf day later on in the year at the College and a masquerade ball.