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Children’s University Graduates Celebrate their Success

Posted: July 10, 2019

The venture, spearheaded by The University Campus North Lincolnshire, is part of a national organisation aimed at providing exciting out-of-school activities to develop new interests and acquire new skills for 5 -14 year olds.

The programme, which was launched in 2016, works in partnership with local primary and secondary schools to encourage children and young people to take part in a wide range of learning opportunities outside of school hours. This year’s celebration saw 30 graduates succeed at a range of levels from Bronze award to the highest Gold level.  The children all received a certificate in a special assembly in front of parents and their friends. Presented by the Chancellor, Baroness Redfern.

The annual graduation event is recognition of all of the hard work the children have put in during the past year to earn their certificates and continue moving through the degree classifications, collecting hours in their passports participating in out of school clubs and activities.

Richard Annandale (Chair of the board of Trustee) said “I was delighted to be at North and North East Lincolnshire Children’s University graduation which was blessed with glorious weather. Caroline Fielder Shattell and her team had worked tirelessly for hours decorating the Events Centre at North Lindsey College and made the setting, and so also the celebrations and photo’s really memorable for everyone.”

We were also joined by Mick Lochran Principal of North Lindsey College along with Anne Tyrell CEO for DN Colleges Group, who both spoke about their continuing commitment to North and North East Lincolnshire Children’s University.

For further information regarding the Children’s University scheme, or to apply to be a learning destination please contact the childrensuniversity@northlindsey.ac.uk or telephone 01724 294125.