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‘Fab’ Charity Work by Engineering Students

Posted: July 4, 2019

The engineering students and staff decided use off cut materials creating garden sculptures out of recycled metal, to practice their welding skills.  The idea was developed after the students created a poppy memorial for Armistice Day which received fantastic feedback from the general public.

This idea has resulted in £500 being raised for the hospice as well as some extra welding time for the students.  Over 100 sculptures have been crafted out of thick sheet metal, transforming the metal into owls, snakes, dragonflies and butterflies.  Each sculpture has taken the students around an hour to construct.

The students have been working on the project in their spare time, working with specialist machinery and welding equipment.  Student Lewis Booth (16) Level 2 Engineering Student helped create the sculptures in his own time and said, “It’s been a really good, job satisfaction whilst learning to operate the plasma cutter.  It’s good to know they will be cherished and the money will be going to charity.  I’m also now more confident with the equipment and the skills going into industry.”

Selina Doyle (Community Fundraiser, Lindsey Lodge Hospice) came into the College in receipt of the money raised and , “I want to relay gratitude to the staff and students for the project they have been working on to raise money for the hospice; it really will make a difference and money will go straight back into patient care.  All hospice care and the services provided are free of charge but not free of cost so we absolutely rely on these donations.”

Phil Scott (Learning Facilitator, North Lindsey College) supported the students to make the project happen and said, “The whole project escalated after the poppy memorial sculpture was such a success; this has been the next best thing.  It has been more of a business enterprise, helping local charities along the way.  The students have learnt new skills and have taken real pride in their work and we are pleased to be helping out in the community.”