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Celebrity Hair Wars Star Comes to College

Posted: February 11, 2019

The lucky hairdressing students had the opportunity to spend a day with the TV star, watching him create a vintage tong style before the students had the opportunity to create their own version of his masterclass style.

Martyn spoke about his long serving and varied career in the hairdressing world, which started in the 80’s in an Essex salon.  He continued his career by taking up as many opportunities as possible, landing him roles that involved working with celebrities backstage on TV shows which has included work for Downton Abbey, theatre and films.  Martyn continued with his TV work and also opened a new salon in Essex called Strangeways.  He is also now involved with the Lee Stafford Education academy, teaching with well known brand Wella.  Martyn is particularly known for his avant-garde work but also his appearance in the TV show Extreme Hair Wars.

Martyn told the students about how he struggled through the recession which cost him his first ever salon and his livelihood.  He told them how hard he worked and gained as much knowledge as possible and said, “Understand your customers’ needs and wants and give them the best advice you can; respect them.  If you don’t look after your customers, you won’t have a business.”

Student Karla Fawcett (28) Level 2 Hairdressing student said, “I enjoyed it and for someone to take time out to do this is just great.  Watching a professional do this makes you take more notice because of his position.  I watched him on Extreme Hair Wars and found it really inspirational, it makes me work harder and push more to achieve!”