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Posted: January 16, 2019

North Lindsey College alumni Guy Martin is a British lorry-mechanic better known publicly as a motorcycle racer turned television presenter of engineering-based projects. Guy was on a mission to learn about the UK construction skills shortage, which brought him to Scunthorpe to work with female students from North Lindsey College and Doncaster College, both part of DN Colleges Group.

The students were tasked to work alongside Guy to renovate a bar and decorate and modernise the lower area of the venue at Café Indie, a live music venue in Scunthorpe. “It’s been a really good experience” said Katie Wallace (17) Level 2 Painting and Decorating student, she continued, “It has been really hands on and I would love to do it again, it’s been brilliant.”

The students feature in episode three, which sees them working with Guy Martin who started racing in 1998, debuting on road circuits at the Isle of Man TT events in 2004, where he gained 17 podium finishes. Guy was keen to swap his usual daily tasks and learn new skills in the construction industry led by the female students who are training to be carpenters and painters and decorators.

Bethanie Shepherd (25) Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry student said, “I decided to go to College after having my children and wanting to be independent. Everything I have done has been for my boys and I want to teach them that a woman can be in the construction industry and do the job that a man would typically do.”

Guy said, “This is the third job we have done and we are just trying to sus out why there is a massive whole in the trade industry and we are trying to work out what we are going to do about. The lasses are really keen and have been great. If I made a mistake they was quite happy to rip it out and start again. I was impressed how through they were, there is nothing like a women’s touch. Between us we made a right job; we made a right whole in it and what a place. There isn’t a better place than North Lincolnshire with the ports, docks and British SteeI, I love it around here.”

The programme was part of a national campaign by voluntary organisation VIY, with all materials provided by programme sponsor Wickes.