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College Welcomes School Pupils to a Day in Engineering

Posted: December 19, 2018

The pupils, who are currently deciding on their options in school had an ideal taster session to see if a career in the sector is for them. The students gained hands on experience using the great facilities within the College’s Engineering Technology Centre.

The students had the opportunity to learn about raw materials, quality, evaporation, wastage, engineering, machinery, production and working as a team. As well as gain hands-on experience working with a fully operational custom lined production machine.

Max Snell (13) from Baysgarth School said, “It’s been very interesting learning about how to make soap.  We used maths this morning to make sure we got the measurements right to make the soap.  We also got to learn how the machinery works and I am looking for a career in engineering.  It’s been surprising how many big machines there are in the College.  I’ve been impressed.”

Andrew Browne (Teacher from Baysgarth) said, “It’s really good hands on experience where maths and science combined make a product.  The pupils were fully engaged and a big thank you to the engineering department for letting us come to the College and use the facilities.”