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Students’ Career Opportunities at Sea

Posted: December 13, 2018

Steiner is one of the largest and well renowned companies to offer spa breaks at sea, employing over 2000 spa professionals every year to travel while they work as massage therapists, beauty therapists, acupuncturists, Medi-spa, nail technicians, personal trainers, barbers, hairstylists and receptionists.

Students have to be qualified to Level 3 and be a minimum of age eighteen.  Further training is then offered to them upon successful applications at the Steiner Training Academy, which then prepares students to learn a variety of skills need to work on a cruise ship and be part of the Steiner group.

Janine Brown (Steiner Recruitment Manager England, Scotland and Wales) said, “It was fantastic speaking to students about their career opportunities on board and hope to see them one day at interview.  It really is a great way to travel and have a unique lifestyle whilst earning a good wage.  I worked at sea for seven years and loved my time on board.”

Student Holly Willerton (17) is a Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapies and found the talk of interest. Holly said,

“The talk really gave me inspiration.  I am undecided where I am going to go when I leave College but I am definitely going to apply for this one day.  The money, experience and seeing the world really inspires me to do this.”