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You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Posted: November 27, 2018

“You’re never too old to learn” says 63 year Donald Upshall who is due to start a new adventure studying for a degree in music performance.

Donald came to North Lindsey College to learn how to record and write his own
music. He already has experience performing locally but was keen to pursue his
interest in song writing and gain more knowledge whilst helping perfect his
technique. He has now been accepted at the Echo Factory in Leicestershire where
he will spend the next three years gaining his degree in the industry.

Mario Gazi (Music Lecturer) stated, “When Donald attended one of the college’s
advice and enrolment events he was enquiring about a short music technology
course, however, I quickly ascertained that a full-time music course might suit his
needs better. My hunch paid off and he became one of the most conscientious, hard-
working students I have had the pleasure to support. Donald’s enthusiasm,
experience and intelligence were what motivated him through the two years he spent
on the Level 3 Music course at North Lindsey College. It is this mind-set that will no
doubt help him gain a music degree from Wolverhampton University. I have been
honoured to be a part of Donald's progress and he will be missed here at North
Lindsey College.”

Donald never had the intention of studying at university until his tutor, Mario
supported him to attend a guitar workshop which was in fact an open day at
renowned provider BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) Manchester. This
was the turning point for Donald and he knew after attending this and listening to a
talk from a representative from the Echo Factory in Leicestershire he knew he
wanted to be a part of it.

Donald waited anxiously for confirmation from the music school and was shocked to
hear he got accepted and stated, “Mario tricked me to going to the open day as he
knew I wouldn’t have gone. After an hour of being there I thought; I’m going to
university.” He continued, “North Lindsey College has given me the confidence and

knowledge with special thanks to my tutor, Mario for believing in me from day one.
Without him I wouldn’t have even considered going to university – he has become
my mentor and my friend.”

Donald got invited for an interview at the Echo Factory there where he demonstrated
how to song write and also play the guitar and will now spend the next three years
doing what he is passionate about.