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Part Time University Courses More Accessible than Ever

Posted: November 27, 2018

Studying for a part time degree has just become more achievable at The University Centre, Scunthorpe.

Changes to the student finance system this year have made it easier than ever for
people to study a part time degree programme. Any UK citizen without a degree is
highly likely to obtain a student loan to fund their student fees and may also get a
maintenance loan, dependant on household income.

Whilst the term ‘student loan’ makes it sound like you would be getting in to debt, in
reality you do not pay anything back until the course is finished and you personally
are earning over £25000. You then pay back an additional 9% on what you have
earned over the £25000, so if you earned 26000 you pay back just 90 a year,
£30000 is just £450 a year. If your future earnings do not exceed £25000, then you
do not need to pay back. The student loan is also not considered as debt when
applying for a mortgage.

Part time degree programmes can be as short as 4 years of study or as long as 6
years usually, with students deciding the pace they want to work through the
programme. Times are flexible to work around other commitments, with day and
evening opportunities and can be as little as 3 hours a week in the university Centre.

“Part time study is a great way to balance study and work, enabling people to
change career pathways whilst still earning.” Said Debbie Jensen
(HE Cognate Area Leader Business, Education and Professional Development).
“The revised student finance is making it easier than ever for people to study part
time, with attendance at the University Centre as little as 3 hours a week.”

Part time Programmes that can be studied at The University Centre, North Lindsey
College includes the BA (Hons) Social Science, BA (Hons) English and History
Studies, or BA (Hons) Business Studies. All these programmes provide
opportunities to apply for graduate posts. Many of the English and History Studies

students have progressed in to a teaching career, having studied just one evening a
week alongside full time employment.

The business programme will help to develop the skills needed to understand how to
business plan and market a business, alongside an understanding of how to manage
staff as a business develops. This course can also help those with entrepreneurship
aspirations or those looking to start up a small business around family commitments
or even to top up a pension.

There is so much research that suggests that exercising the brain is beneficial at all
ages. The brain can continue to develop synaptic connections at any age, proving
that you are never too old to learn. Why not do a part time degree to exercise that
brain and study something just out of interest. The BA (Hons) English and History is
well recommended due to the variety of interesting subject areas, but there are
plenty of other programmes available too.

The changes in student finance have made part time degree courses more
accessible for all. This is an excellent time to find out more, contact The University
Centre, North Lindsey College on 01724 294125 or email he@northlindsey.ac.uk.