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Inspiring Innovative Engineering

Posted: November 27, 2018

North Lindsey College has developed a brand new enrichment focus for students to engage in and create their own engineering conceptions.

The college is keen to demonstrate the fun side of engineering and the huge rewards
both psychologically and financially that can be achieved. Students have been given
the opportunity to come up with their own projects, ideas and solutions to problems
whilst applying science, maths, innovation, design and construction to the
mechanical, electrical and engineering programmes.

Some of the extra projects for the students will be involved in during the academic
year will involve a soap box derby, locomotive re-construction, design of a solar car,
product creation, wind turbine operations, local engineering of a pedal car, creation
and welding of structures including community projects and local airfield projects.

Martyn Butler (Curriculum Leader – Engineering) said, “We are delighted to be
offering these new and exciting opportunities to our students and give them the
chance to ignite their learning outcomes.

“By giving them the freedom to pursue their own projects alongside their course
programme can only enrich their learning outcome.”

The college fosters strong links with business leaders in the engineering industry as
well as each and every student undertaking work experience with these links. With
huge investment made to the engineering department, North Lindsey College is
responding to the needs of the sector whilst offering the broadest range of