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Renewables Course Significant Development

Posted: September 14, 2018

North Lindsey College is offering a brand new Renewables course for September 2018.

Those looking to progress into this sector can apply to study renewable engineering,
delivered in the college’s specialist Engineering Technology Centre, based at the
Kingsway campus in Scunthorpe.
Renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as the sun, wind, and
water, using technology which ensures that the energy stores are naturally
“This is a significant development for the college,” say North Lindsey College
Principal Mick Lochran. “Providing new pathways for our students into an exciting,
expanding and increasingly important sector.”
The qualification is for those who are preparing to work in the renewable energy
industry. There are no recommended prior learning requirements for this
qualification, however a strong interest in the sector is an essential requirement.
The qualification aims to contextualise engineering for those new to, or preparing to
work in the renewable energy industry.

Martyn Butler said, “As part of our new engineering offer, we are proud to add
renewable energy as a qualification, this will be delivered from September 2018.
Renewable energy is a new scheme designed to complement our current offer within
the engineering department whilst investing in a sustainable future, offering a
different route into the engineering sector.
The new course will give the individuals the opportunity to specialise in sources of
renewable energy of their choice and will equip students with some of the basic
technical skills they will need for this sector, such as the design, efficiency and
capabilities that each method can produce. Students will also be equipped with the

basic mathematical and scientific skills they will need as engineers. All students to
use the skills they have learnt in carrying out an engineering project.
For further information regarding the renewables course or should you want to apply
please contact the Customer Services department on 01724 281111, email
info@northlindsey.ac.uk or apply directly via www.northlindsey-applynow.co.uk