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Managing your time, stress and workload effectively

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Managing your time, stress and workload effectively

How well are you coping with the demands placed upon you in the workplace? Do you struggle to manage available time effectively? How well do you prioritise and manage “important” versus “urgent” tasks in a balanced way? Does everything seem important and urgent?  What impact does stress, pressure and work/life balance have on you and others? 

What is the difference between “stress” and “pressure”?; Why is effective time and stress management so important to health, welfare and performance?; Recognising and responding to realistic and unrealistic expectations and demands of others; Practical tips and techniques to help prioritise tasks, activities and workload demands effectively; Identifying personal stress indicators and coping strategies; Work / Life Balance – making informed choices and decisions; Personal development planning

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    • Course Title

      Managing your time, stress and workload effectively

    • Start Dates

      Wed 9th Jan 2019; Wed 17th Apr 2019; Wed 17th Jul 2019

    • Part Time – Course dates decided on demand

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      1 day

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