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BA (Hons) Social Science

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BA (Hons) Social Science

BA (Hons) Social Science offers you the chance to study locally for a nationally recognised and highly respected degree in Scunthorpe, by enrolling as a student of the University of Lincoln, but living and studying at home.

Dedicated Higher Education facilities, together with excellent access to learning resources, mean that you don’t have to travel far to get a good education. We offer a structured approach to study, which provides you with a rigorous yet enjoyable undergraduate experience.

The course considers a wide range of contemporary social issues and concerns such as poverty, homelessness, environmental problems and crime, with a good balance between theory and evidence.

Using the disciplines of Criminology, Politics, Social Policy, Social Theory and Research, and Study Skills. BA Social Science considers both the causes of such problems and how they may be tackled in a relaxed but stimulating environment. We expect you to make an impact to the course by giving you the opportunity to develop your own interests and pose your own questions.

Level 1 offers a general introduction to understanding and applying Social Science whilst developing you as a student.

Social Policy considers the varying ways in which society looks after its members with the emphasis being upon debates around the extent and nature of Welfare provision. For example, should society provide for one another or should the individual look after themselves?

Criminology focuses on the study of crime and deviance, considering not only what deviance is but also how we come to know about it and how we may seek to prevent or punish criminal activities.

Social Research attempts to gauge opinion on various social phenomenon. For example, testing the effectiveness of a social policy or understanding the complexities of drug addiction.

The study of each though contributes to the others and you will find that the course as a whole is focused upon developing a wider understanding of social issues. You will also take a Study Skills unit, which will not only develop your approaches to Social Science but also increase your level of academic skills.

There is also an introduction to Politics within Level 1, which introduces you to the diverse ways in which power is transmitted, exercised and is manifested within British society.

Our academic week involves class-based study usually delivered through lectures and seminars with assessments in December/January and May but there will also be work to complete outside of the classroom.

32 UCAS Points

Previous graduates have taken up a variety of positions such as:
• Teaching, BA (Hons) Social Science is acceptable for gaining Qualified Teacher Status
• Educational Welfare Officer
• Training Co-ordinator
• Housing Officer
• Social inclusion Officer (Schools)
• Development Officer (Young Offenders),
• Education Project Worker (HM Prisons)
• Mental Health project leader
• Support Worker (with a variety of vulnerable groups within society)

Others have used it to gain entry to the Police Force and to Nursing. Some have continued their learning and studied at Masters level in a variety of topic areas, such as Education, Criminology, Social Policy and Research.

Many employers do not specify a particular degree when recruiting therefore you could apply your knowledge to almost any job role.

A variety of assessment methods are used including written presentations, portfolios, oral assignments, mixed media assignments, observations and examinations.

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