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Level 3 Apprenticeship Digital Marketing

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Level 3 Apprenticeship Digital Marketing

Apprenticeships are work-based courses which involve learning and gaining qualifications while working for an employer. An apprentice works at the employer’s premises, gaining practical experience and skills while working towards a qualification which is relevant to their job.

The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention. A digital marketer will typically be working as part of a team in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. The marketer will work to marketing briefs and instructions. They will normally report to a digital marketing manager, a marketing manager or an IT Manager.

Technical Competencies
Written communication: applies a good level of written communication skills for a range of audiences and digital platforms and with regard to the sensitivity of communication
Research: analyses and contributes information on the digital environment to inform short and long term digital communications strategies and campaigns
Data: reviews, monitors and analyses online activity and provides recommendations and insights to others
Customer service: responds efficiently to enquiries using online and social media platforms.
Problem solving: applies structured techniques to problem solving, and analyses problems and resolves issues across a variety of digital platforms
Analysis: understands and creates basic analytical dashboards using appropriate digital tools
Implementation: builds and implements digital campaigns across a variety of digital media platforms
Uses digital tools effectively
Digital analytics: measures and evaluates the success of digital marketing activities

Technical Knowledge and Understanding
Understands the principles of coding
Understands and can apply basic marketing principles
Understands and can apply the customer lifecycle
Understands the role of customer relationship marketing
Understands how teams work effectively to deliver digital marketing campaigns and can deliver accordingly
Understands the main components of Digital and Social Media Strategies

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this might include GCSEs, A levels, a level 2 apprenticeship or other relevant qualifications, relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths. Employers are likely to be looking for a proven passion for digital and social media.

Successful completion of this standard enables the apprentice to apply to become an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Chartered membership can be achieved through further qualifications or experience based assessment.

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      Level 3 Apprenticeship Digital Marketing

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